What an incredible 5 day road trip this was. Definitely a must if you haven’t already done it. 


We picked up our camper from Melbourne (booked it through Ratpack travel - the best - contact details at the bottom) and drove straight towards Torquay - home of the Surfing museum that’s super famous in Australia. We arrived in the evening so actually camped in our camper for the first night here! 

The next morning we set off fairy early and headed for Bells Beach - this bit of beach is a lovely stop off place for viewpoints and to snap some beach photographs and videos! We had beautiful weather for the first day of the road trip.

The next stop we made was Anglesea Beach, we parked up right next to it and made some lunch (we actually didn’t eat out once on the 5 day trip. It’s so handy having a little kitchen in the camper and definitely saves lots of money on food - plus you can make a tea/coffee whenever you fancy ;) )

Jack (above) pulled up next to us (in this amazing camper) where we were having lunch and shooting some blog content. We got talking with him and he let us have a mini photoshoot with his van and surfboards - LEGEND, thanks Jack!

We then made a coffee stop at Laneway 73 Cafe - Anthony the owner is super lovely and such a fun guy! This cafe is perfect for a coffee refuel. My go-to is a Cappuccino with Almond or Soy milk, and it was delicious from Laneway. Me and Mollie also took a few cafe shots here as it was the perfect set up - palm leaves and coffee!

We then jumped back into the camper and headed for Lorne. I was really excited to see Lorne as so many people had said this was their favourite part. It didn’t disappoint - the town was lovely with some great coffee spots!

L O R N E  B E A C H 

We parked up next to Moggs Creek and made our way onto the beach. This bit of beach stretches for as far as the eye can see - perfect for long landscape beach shots and also for some portraits. 

E R S K I N   F A L L S 

This was another part of the Great Ocean Road that i was really looking forward to, as again, I had heard a lot of good things! The walk down to the Erskine Falls was an easy 15/20 minutes down manmade steps. It really felt as if you were inside the jungle - the palm tree canopies were really dense and the sounds of the animals were amazing. As we reached the bottom, the waterfall looked beautiful as it appeared through the trees. As there hadn’t been much rain and because of the season we were in, the waterfall wasn’t as fall as it usually is, but it was still incredible to see and the surroundings were beautiful - definitely a must see! Its a perfect spot for landscape snappers and if you timed it right, you could get some pretty amazing slow shutter waterfall photographs. 

T E D D Y S   L O O K O U T 

A short drive from the back of Lorne on George Street is the viewing platform of Teddy's Lookout and its definitely a must see. This was one of my favourite views of the trip - they are incredible and if you hit it on a good day (we were lucky enough to) the colour of the water is a beautiful turquoise. It's a newly constructed walkway which takes you to a viewing platform where you can see the coastal views and Great Ocean Road that sweeps around the mouth of the Saint George River. If you go a little further down, there's a lower platform where you can see the mountainous peaks

A P O L L O   B A Y 

We witnessed some incredible sunsets along the way to Port Campbell. The sea mist gave the whole landscape an added haze which just made the whole view that little bit more magical! I filmed some parts of the sunset, you can see these on my Instagram!

Once we checked out Apollo Bay, refuelled the van and fixed a flat tyre we had - the Great Ocean Road heads inland from here until Port Campbell. The scenery totally changes and at times, I almost feel like i’m in the English countryside! There’s endless rolling hills, farmland and loads of wildlife to see. The road is pretty windy, which is great (if you don’t get too car sick) as every corner there’s something new to see!

We took a little detour after the rainforest walk to the Otway Lighthouse, but unfortunately just missed the gate closing. We did come across this amazing bit of road where the trees looked like something out of Lord of the Rings - I wasn’t sure whether there had been a fire here or it was just the type of tree, it was amazing to drive through. 

T H E  T W E L V E  A P O S T L E S  -  G I B S O N S  S T E P S 







We headed straight for Gibson’s steps at the Twelve Apostles - I was really keen to get some shots from the beach looking towards the Twelve Apostles as most of the photographs I had seen of them had been from the viewpoint. It was definitely worth heading down, hardly anyone walks the Gibson’s steps which I think is totally bizarre! It’s not a far walk and it’s completely worth it. You don’t get to see all of the Twelve Apostles but you definitely get to feel the size of them more than you do from looking down on them. 

We arrived here at sunset so were able to watch the sun go down past the last Apostle - if you were able to hit a good evening whilst heading down here it would definitely be worth capturing a time lapse! 

After here, we headed to Port Campbell to stay the night!

P O R T  C A M P B E L L 

When we woke up, we grabbed a coffee and headed straight for the beach at Port Campbell.

It’s a beautiful little beach with a lovely town just next to it. Unfortunately the weather took a slight turn for the worst and it ended up raining for most of the day, so we decided to do most of the drive back to Torquay so we could make the most of the weather the next day with little time in the car! We did stop off at a few places, one being The Grotto.

T H E  G R O T T O 





This viewpoint was beautiful - rain or shine. It had a lookout at the top where you can see down to the sea and The Grotto on the left, you can also walk down to right next to the Grotto. You can see the sea through the hole and there’s also this little pool of still water just underneath it - the contrast between the still water and the crashing sea is super photogenic! It would be great to photograph sunset here and if you were lucky enough, get a reflection in the still part of the water. There is also definitely a way to get up on the part above the Grotto and grab some amazing shots with someone standing/sitting above it!

L O N D O N   B R I D G E 

The next stop off was London Bridge - the day turned pretty stormy so watching the waves crashing against the rock face was great. I have also seen photographs of surfers surfing waves just before the bridge, which would also be pretty amazing to see!

T H E  A R C H 

The Arch is also a must to stop off and visit - you can capture some beautiful landscape and scenery shots here. We then started our journey back to Torquay...

S H E O A K   W A T E R F A L L S 

We'd heard a lot about Sheoak Falls, and were recommended to go, however we also knew that we were in the wrong season for fast and full flowing waterfalls! We parked up and decided to take a look, it's a lovely 15 minute walk from the carpark through high reeds and woodland. The reeds are perfect for portrait shots, especially if you can catch the sun shining through them.

As we arrived to the falls, it was very clear water hadn't been seen here for a while (oops!). However, the walk was still beautiful and you also get a nice little view over part of the Ocean Road - so totally still worth it!









We then headed straight to Torquay where we stayed the night. The last day of our little roadie, we decided to head to Bells Beach + Anglesea again as we loved it there and it wasn't too far from Torquay!

We stopped off by the beach and grabbed a coffee from this cute coffee shop - the perfect little refuel stop before our drive back to Melbourne! Around the corner by the edge of this beach there is this lovely pastel coloured wall. 

The five day roadie me and Mollie did on the Great Ocean Road was an absolute must - so much to see and take in and the drive itself was absolutely stunning - photographers dream! My favourite part was definitely the stretch from Lorne to Teddy's Lookout - the drive around the bends here are amazing and the views from the lookout are breathtaking. 

I hope you enjoyed! L x





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