Shooting with a Samsung Galaxy S9+

When Samsung and Three asked for me to organise a photoshoot using the new Samsung Galaxy S9+, I jumped at the opportunity! I always love trying different things, especially when it comes to shooting. Needless to say, this photoshoot was a little different to the normal ones I do!

I have been the owner of an iPhone for the last 6 years and have always been tempted to sway to Samsung, as Samsung was the first model of phone I had. I was interested to see what the camera was like, as that is definitely one of the main things I look for when getting a new phone. I had heard a lot about this phone and the camera quality, so was super excited to try it out for myself!

I don’t ever usually shoot on an phone, unless clients specify this is something they prefer. But for my own images, stories for Instagram and the occasional post I love shooting with phones. I have the Lightroom App for my phone so its always an efficient way to get images shot and edited quickly.


The weather has been amazing in London recently, so I chose to shoot in the high golden grass that you can find in areas of Hyde Park. I approached two models that I have previously worked with a lot, the lovely Sara and Zsnanett (they also have a blog called @the4ofus). I also brought my camera a long to get some shots - here’s a comparison of the two, the first was shot on the Samsung and the second on my camera:

As you can see, the main difference between the two is the depth of field - its a lot easier to generate a high quality, crisper depth of field with a camera. But, having said that,  I was so impressed with how high quality the image from the Samsung was. The camera allowed me to compose the image just how I wanted too. I shot most of the photographs from down below looking upwards. I wanted the image to have a dreamy feel to it, so with the girls wearing dresses, it allowed me to play with different angles with how the wind caught the clothing.  

Post production is obviously a vital part of the final look. I always use Lightroom to edit my images, along with my own presets. This is a before and after of an edited image shot using the Samsung:

I was really impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I am definitely tempted in switching from my iPhone over - the speed of the camera and usage of the phone itself is amazing and it's a lot lighter - so nicer to carry around and use! The camera quality is amazing and i’m super excited to see these images printed and displayed in the Herrick Gallery in Mayfair at the beginning of August. 


You can see more from this shoot using my camera and Samsung Phone over on my instagram and make sure you check out Sara and Zsannett and their blog The 4 Of Us.

To check out the Samsung Phone that I used, click here