A few days camping in the countryside? I think so. Last week I spent three days with Mollie camping in Horsham in a beautiful vintage VW camper named Misty and here she is:


A cutie, right? When Accessorize got in contact with me and asked me to shoot + model their new festival wear, I instantly thought of a camper van in a beautiful location, and thatʼs exactly what happened! And let me tell you, their collection is BEAUT!

Click here for this perfect mini rucksack!

and here for my favourite beach + travel bag!

These bags are the perfect getaway bags. The yellow rucksack for those little day trips out from the campsite or dancing the day + night away at a festival.

The pink + white bag is one of my favourites - it really is the perfect size for travelling with and looks super cute.

I found Misty online and Patrick (the owner) was an absolute legend - Iʼll link his info below incase you fancied a little getaway! Patrick completely restored and renovated Misty himself and did an absolutely amazing job. He also has 5 other campers that he is currently restoring! She was such a great camper to drive (a lot of the old VW campers a really difficult to drive and almost feels like you have a workout driving down the road!). Misty has new power steering and is super modern inside, so you have all the luxury of a new camper but with the exterior of a vintage!

- - - - DAY ONE - - - -

We set off from London on the Tuesday morning and arrived around midday to the beautiful area of Barns Green in Horsham. The campsite we stayed on was called Sumners Ponds Fishery Campsite - as you can probably tell itʼs very popular with people who love to fish as itʼs surrounded by beautiful lakes. However, a lot of people were just there to enjoy and breathe in all the fresh country air!


When we first arrived we unpacked and set up Misty ready for a few days of camping. We had some lunch and started shooting some of Accessorizeʼs new festival and summer collection. The products I brought along with me I absolutely fell in love with - the quality and style is spot on - perfect for summer and for any festival/beach situation.

Click here for the cute ruffle top that's perfect for summer!

here for the perfect summer sandals

and here for the sunglasses I found that I actually like :') 

Whenever I go camping, thereʼs a few essentials I love to bring with me - camera number 1, of course, but fairy lights follow closely - they make anything look nice and are super handy when the sun goes down and you want a little extra light! Another are blankets! You are never sure of the weather (especially in the UK) so blankets are great when you want to wrap something over you in the evening or want a few extra layers at night!

Wellies + flip flops are also something I like to bring. Weird combo, right? But very practical. Wellies because you never know if the field is going to be muddy or not! And flip-flops for the quick trips to the toilets and showers!

My favourite EVER washbag - super affordable and perfect size for travelling! 

It was such a lovely day so we were busy shooting most of the afternoon! Once the sun started going down we set up the camper for sleeping and headed for the restaurant on the lake which was such a lovely surprise. You donʼt often have restaurants and places to eat on campsites - so this was such a pleasant surprise and we spent most of the evening there!

We enjoyed a few Gin + Tonics (if you know me, you know I am a sucker for a Gin and Elderflower Tonic) and headed back for a peaceful sleep in the countryside!

- - - - DAY TWO - - - -

The next day we woke up to the sound of birds and ducks! As itʼs surrounded by lakes thereʼs a selection of ducks that wander around throughout the day!

We showered and came back to cook some breakfast. When me and Mollie were in Australia earlier this year we had this breakfast (rye bread, hummus, spinach, avocado + eggs) pretty much every morning! Perfect camping food as its quick and easy and doesnʼt generate too much mess! We also had some morning coffee - Littles Coffee is a current favourite of mine - their Coconut Instant coffee is insane and comes in a small tub so perfect for travelling!

Super cute heart shaped sunglasses 

We hit total jackpot with the weather. 23 degrees, sun and a scatter of clouds meant a perfect day for shooting! We decorated Misty with lots of fairy lights, blankets + buntings! One of my favourite, and probably most important thing, about shooting is the creativity behind it! I love getting fully immersed in a shoot and the little details that make such a big difference.

I always bring a Kimono on trips with me - perfect beach cover up and throw on!

After we spent the morning shooting around Misty we had some lunch and had

a coffee in the sun. I feel like the weather in the UK has been seriously good recently - one of the main reasons I want to plan some more adventures around the UK! I think itʼs so important to assign time to spend with the ones that you are closest too, and I fully intend to make this summer all about having fun and making memories.

My favourite flower headband + pendant necklace

After a magical day in the sun we tidied up Misty and made some dinner. We decided to pack up as we needed to leave fairly early the next day. We witnessed a beautiful sunset in the evening and headed for the restaurant to

get some laptop and admin work done! It was warm enough that we could work outside which was so lovely.

Super cute tassle earrings 

This really was the perfect little getaway. I encourage anyone to book a spontaneous camping trip with your best friend and head for the countryside! There really isnʼt anything nicer than spending some quality time with the people that you are closest to. I think often in this day and age we get so caught up in how fast-paced life is that we hardly take a moment and appreciate what we have around us and how important our friends and family are <3


This blog post was in collaboration with Accessorize - be sure to check out their summer collection, it is seriously beautiful! Linked below are all the Accessorize products featured in the photos:

Rose Gold Starburst Layered Pendant Necklace

Ombre Metal Cateye Sunglasses

Florence Fringed Slide Sandals

Beachcomber Wow Kimono

Sophie Floral Embroidered Washbag

Delicate Flower Garland

Harlow Heart Frame Sunglasses

Ruffle Stripe Top

Beaded Statement Ball & Tassle Earrings

Tommie Midi Dome Backpack

Scarlett Bobbie Beach Bag


Patrick, the absolute camper van legend can be found here: