I've been experimenting with Black and White recently and it stems from me digging out an old Olympus Film Camera I have (which my dad actually used throughout his teens). I've been bringing it to London to shoot some fun stuff with friends + it got me wanting to edit some photographs in Black and White.

Me and Frankie met up a few weeks back and decided to shoot a few looks around London. I always love shooting with Frankie, she's super fun and absolutely beautiful! We started by heading to Five Guys near Oxford Street and snapped some coloured imagery which I have to say is probably one of my favourite shoots with her (more on my Instagram). We then headed round the corner and found this cute newsagents.

I wanted to photograph Frankie with the magazines and newspapers (we tried inside but were quickly asked to leave - It seemed like the owner was fairly used to having people come in and take photos!). We settled for just outside the front door and along the edge of the shop. 

We then headed through Carnaby Street and found this other newsagents which had a really cute shop front! It was small and on the corner of a street, so was perfect for some shots of Frankie in the doorway and then some sneaky shots of her just inside the front with some fashion mags.

I really loved editing these shots in Black and White - it reminded me of a vogue style magazine shoot. I always use Lightroom to edit my photographs, I find it super easy and quick to use and it has a lot of elements to it that I love - the colour grading espcially! I use Photoshop for any photo manipulation, for example taking people out of photographs or cleaning up an image.

After this we headed to another burger chain restaurant - Ed's Diner. I especially love the neons lights outside this restaurant, they are particularly great to shoot at night or as the sun is going down. I positioned Frankie just outside on the metal chairs and we got some shots sitting.

I will definitely be editing + shooting in Black and White more often, I think it can really work well with particular imagery, giving them a little more edge! More from this shoot in another blog post coming soon!


L x