What a lovely day this was. 

I woke up in the morning to rain and my shoots being cancelled - what could have been a day sat on my laptop turned into a day spent outside (yes, in the rain) exploring and being a tourist in my own city, with some very talented individuals. 

I have recently set up a photography/videography group based in London - we get together whenever we can (i want to make it more regular as I absolutely love it). To give a little background on the group:

Everyone in the group has a passion for photography + film, for some people it’s their job and for some its a hobby. The main aim is to hang out, shoot and have fun! Some days we will sit and edit together and some days we will go out and shoot together - it’s lovely to spend time with people who have similar interests as each other. 

We all met up in Waterloo where we wandered down Southbank and headed into the Tate - we wanted to check out the new(ish) part of the Tate and shoot some stuff inside - mainly because it was absolutely pouring outside :’)

We then decided to walk over the bridge and to St Paul’s, there was a lift nearby that we all wanted to check out - we heard that there was a pretty epic video of St Paul’s you get from inside the lift and up to the top. 

We took a few shots as we walked along the bridge, it was great as we were all trying out each others equipments. We all had different camera bodies and lenses, so it was great to try out some different pieces of equipment that I was contemplating purchasing! 


Here is the lovely Nicole, I met Nicole through shooting at Goodwood (she works part time as the picture editor there and part time freelance photographer - make sure you check her site out! I will link everybody’s socials below). Such a lovely and warm person and i’m so happy she’s been able to come along to a few met ups! 

One of the main things I loved about this day was being able to explore places that I’d walked past loads of times but never actually stood and photographed. Although they are very photographed places, it was still so nice to experiment with angling and snapping things I don’t usually take photographs of. If photography is your full time job, I think it's very important to make sure you put some time aside to shoot for fun - to photograph things for yourself + experiment this with - as that's one of the ways you can grow as a photographer. 

Once we had got to St Paul’s, we walked around the side and photographed a few different locations around. We then headed up the lift we had all been wanting to go up and onto the rooftop. Although the weather definitely wasn’t on our side, it actually worked well photographically as the reflections on the ground and the surrounding buildings looked great. We spent some time on the rooftop snapping around and taking in the views of London - you can even get a view of the shard from up here.

After we had taken our shots we all wanted to get, we decided to head into Bank as we all wanted to use Rik as a model - probably the most stylish man I know - whenever I see him, he is SO well dressed. It was still raining at this point, but we used that to our advantage to get some shots with Rik and his umbrella. When then decided to head into Soho to experiment with neon lights through shop windows! (something I had been wanting to shoot for a while actually!)

When then decided to head into Soho to experiment with neon lights through shop windows! (something I had been wanting to shoot for a while actually!)

We took it in turns to photograph each other, I think we all found it pretty odd to be the other side of the camera for a change. These shots were taken by the talented Nicole (link below). 

It was actually getting pretty dark by this point but it began to work in our favour as to shoot through windows and with neon lights, you definitely don’t want it to be bright sunlight as that’s when you get the most reflection. We experimented with angling and using each other to do this. Most of the people I work with on a daily basis are females so it was great to shoot with both Luke and Alex (they are both VERY talented photographers - linked below). 

After Soho, we headed through China Town where we were able to experiment a little more with each other’s lenses. I had a go with Nicole’s Canon 85mm 1.2 which I have to say was amazing! I had been contemplating purchasing this lens for a while now but hesitated as I have a 50mm and 35mm, so wasn’t sure it was necessary. Definitely an investment I will be making in the future as it is such an incredible lens and looks pretty epic too!

Photograph taken by Luke (link below)

Alex had a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 with him which I always associate with Paps and motorsport - a VERY lovely lens nevertheless. Luke was using his Nikon and it was actually great to see everyone using each others equipment as it’s the perfect way to see what you prefer/want to shoot with. 

I was on such a high after this day as it was so lovely seeing everyone interacting with each other over the same passion and creative drive as everyone else. I will definitely be planning more of these days out - including shoot days, edit sessions + just days where we’re having fun! So if you’d like to pop along to any, let me know and I will let you know the details! 

Links for the creative + talented people in this blog post linked below!

Thank you for reading! L x