Sportswear shoot with Lilly Sabri

Good Morning!

This shoot was a little different, it was focussing on sportswear and more freeze-frame body movement. I got the meet the lovely Lilly and Nini who both were such a joy to work with. Lilly came to the shoot with some great outfits and we spent some time at the beginning discussing which outfit would work best in which location.

The first shoot was with the brand Sweaty Betty, the pieces of clothing were several Tennis outfits/sportswear, so we only thought it appropriate to photograph these on a tennis court. The idea of the shoot was to keep the aesthetics of  a fashion shoot but with hints of the movements a sportsman would make, naturally this would then show off the beauty of the clothes. 

The second shoot was down by a riverside in a local park, this was to create a calm and tranquil scene for Lilly to wear some Yoga gear and perform some Yoga/pilate moves. Creating the right scene for a photograph is so important when you're thinking about the final image and what you want it to portray.

The final shoot was my favourite, it was located in a gardens with the most beautiful surroundings. I love gardens that have cute little buildings like pagoda's, it makes it feel like a fairytale! Lilly was wearing the clothing brand called Vaara, it was honestly the most beautiful  material and looked amazing! This shoot was more focussed on different body positions which would enable the beauty of the jumpsuit. Lilly performed various pilate positions (that I wish I could do!) but still keeping within the theme of a lifestyle shoot.

L x