A roadtrip through France & Switerzand

A roadtrip with your bestie from London through Switzerland to France? I think so.


D A Y  O N E

Me and Mols woke up fairly early to head to Dover for the 10am ferry. The ferry is the perfect way to get to France if you are travelling with a car as it’s super quick and if you book it in advance - fairly cheap! Once arriving in France we drove 6.5 hours to Belfort where we stayed in a super cute Chalet!

D A Y  T W O

I love arriving places in the dark as you never know what the view is going to look like in the morning. We weren’t disappointed, the chalet we were staying in had beautiful French shutters that opened out to stunning gardens and surroundings. The chalet is family owned and run by a lovely lady who took total care of us - she makes a lovely French breakfast both mornings which of course included croissants! 

The morning we spent shooting and getting some work done before getting ready and heading to Eurockeenes. I hadn’t heard of the festival before but absolutely loved it! We watched Macklemore perform - if you’re a fan and haven’t yet seen him, GET YOURSELF TO A SHOW. He is a total performer and his energy is something else. It was pouring with rain and everyone was covered head to toe in mud yet, he still made 30,000 people dance for 2 hours straight. Incredible. 


D A Y  T H R E E

After getting back around 4am we took the morning pretty slowly and planned where we wanted to go over another wonderful breakfast. My favourite part about road tripping is the not knowing where you’re going to go next and what you’re going to see. 

We decided to get on the road as soon as possible and head for the mountains. We drove around 4 hours into Switzerland and booked a last minute stay at a beautiful chalet in the town of Evolène. On route we stopped off on Lake Geneva and made a picnic as the sun was setting. 

D A Y  F O U R

This was the view we woke up to.

The Chalet was so perfect - the view from our room opened up to the mountains and the whole valley. We decided to cook breakfast out the front of the hotel on the tables they had.

After, we drove through Heremence to the town of Saint-Luc where we got a cable car up to Tignousa and decided to do the mountain top walk. The walk was amazing, the most incredible scenery and so many beautiful places to see along route.

We walked for about 3 hours before heading back down the cable car and driving to Veysonnaz. This town was one of my favourite in Switzerland - we had to drive up the mountain for about 30 minutes before reaching our B&B we booked and oh my the views from the top were out of this world. We watched the sun set over the mountains opposite whilst we had dinner outside. 

D A Y  F I V E

I think I have found my dream house. 

After a tasty breakfast we headed for Nax - I had done a bit of research into the Via Ferratas that are nearby (Via Ferratas are climbing routes usually found on cliff walls - they have metal footings and wire that you attach yourself too and climb up). This was Mollie’s first time and she did great, it’s so lovely experiencing climbing Via Ferratas with different people, especially for their first time. 

The via Ferrata itself takes about 2 hours including a 30/40 minute walk back down the mountain to your car. It's a perfect one for anyone who hasn't done one before and it's actually the first one I have done where there were a few other people on route. Usually it's only you and whoever you are with!

After the climb we drove 1.5 hours to Chamonix where we drove through the Swiss mountains and crossing the border into the French Alps, my favourite set of mountains in Europe. From the first time I went to Chamonix, I totally fell in love with it. The mountains, the town and the people. 

We stayed in my favourite campsite, Mer De Glace - situated just outside of Chamonix town, it sits within the valley and has all the facilities you could wish for! We even did a sunset Yoga amongst the trees.

D A Y  S I X

We decided to explore a bit of Chamonix town this morning and grab a coffee whilst we were there. Chamonix is one of my favourite places, the town sits within a valley of the beautiful French Alps and is truly breathtaking - incredible views in every direction.

After having a little walk we drove to Geneva (roughly 1.10hour drive). We did the total opposite to camping this night and stayed in the most amazing 5* hotel on Lake Geneva called Hotel D’anglettere. BEAUTIFUL.

We got speaking to the manager and he took us up onto the roof of the hotel as he said this was the best possible view of Lake Geneva, he wasn’t wrong. Our bedroom was lovely and the window opened up to the lake and surrounding streets.

We had a little walk around town before heading back to the hotel and having a 3 course dinner with wine tasting!


D A Y  S E V E N

After a perfect and well-needed nights sleep (thanks to the worlds comfiest beds!) we headed to the gym before having some breakfast in the hotel. The hotel restaurant is situated on the Lake front, so you can imagine how beautiful the view is. 

We drove 1 hour to Lake Annecy, and I was super excited to get there! I visited Annecy a few years ago on another road trip and totally fell in love with it. The colour of the Lake is insane, such a crystal blue colour and the town is just as stunning.

We found a campsite called Au Coeur Du Lac, one of the cheaper campsites in the area that situated on the Lake. It had access to the public park where we had a swim and lounged around for a few hours. After we headed back to the campsite to set up and cook some dinner!

D A Y  E I G H T

We really wanted to explore Annecy a little more as both of us hadn’t spent that long actually taking it in and enjoying it the previous times we had been. We drove around the whole lake and stopped off at various spots along the way. Everywhere you look is beautiful scenery and places you could sit for hours on end. 

After stopping off in Annecy for lunch in a place called Dr Good Food - highly recommend for healthy and yummy lunches, we headed for Dijon. Dijon is a 3 hour North from Annecy - we chose to break up the drive back to Calais by stopping off in an Airbnb here. We managed to make it to the town centre in time for the England match. Our Airbnb was a perfect stopover place.

D A Y  N I N E

Today was the journey home :(

Again, instead of driving straight to Calais, we chose to stop off in the lovely town of Epernay in the Champagne region, the drive from Dijon was about 3 hours. We had some lunch and did a bit of champagne tasting - couldn't resist! We also stocked up on some wine as its SUPER cheap here, I now see why people go here to by wine and champagne in bulk.

After some lunch we headed to Calais which  was a further 3 hours, definitely wasn’t as painful doing the drive in two halves! Calais is where we boarded the 1.5 hour ferry and drove the last two hours home.

This road trip was honestly one of my favourites trips i’ve ever done. Creating new memories with my bestie and seeing the most incredible mountains and scenery. It’s made me think more about where i’d love to live when i’m older and I am definitely gravitating more and more to the mountains on a daily basis. 

Switzerland and France, I will see you soon. 

Thank you for reading!

L x

Shooting with a Samsung Galaxy S9+

When Samsung and Three asked for me to organise a photoshoot using the new Samsung Galaxy S9+, I jumped at the opportunity! I always love trying different things, especially when it comes to shooting. Needless to say, this photoshoot was a little different to the normal ones I do!

I have been the owner of an iPhone for the last 6 years and have always been tempted to sway to Samsung, as Samsung was the first model of phone I had. I was interested to see what the camera was like, as that is definitely one of the main things I look for when getting a new phone. I had heard a lot about this phone and the camera quality, so was super excited to try it out for myself!

I don’t ever usually shoot on an phone, unless clients specify this is something they prefer. But for my own images, stories for Instagram and the occasional post I love shooting with phones. I have the Lightroom App for my phone so its always an efficient way to get images shot and edited quickly.


The weather has been amazing in London recently, so I chose to shoot in the high golden grass that you can find in areas of Hyde Park. I approached two models that I have previously worked with a lot, the lovely Sara and Zsnanett (they also have a blog called @the4ofus). I also brought my camera a long to get some shots - here’s a comparison of the two, the first was shot on the Samsung and the second on my camera:

As you can see, the main difference between the two is the depth of field - its a lot easier to generate a high quality, crisper depth of field with a camera. But, having said that,  I was so impressed with how high quality the image from the Samsung was. The camera allowed me to compose the image just how I wanted too. I shot most of the photographs from down below looking upwards. I wanted the image to have a dreamy feel to it, so with the girls wearing dresses, it allowed me to play with different angles with how the wind caught the clothing.  

Post production is obviously a vital part of the final look. I always use Lightroom to edit my images, along with my own presets. This is a before and after of an edited image shot using the Samsung:

I was really impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I am definitely tempted in switching from my iPhone over - the speed of the camera and usage of the phone itself is amazing and it's a lot lighter - so nicer to carry around and use! The camera quality is amazing and i’m super excited to see these images printed and displayed in the Herrick Gallery in Mayfair at the beginning of August. 


You can see more from this shoot using my camera and Samsung Phone over on my instagram and make sure you check out Sara and Zsannett and their blog The 4 Of Us.

To check out the Samsung Phone that I used, click here